Løren Station
Aalto University Station
Global experience
Bikás Park Station

Budapest, Hungary
Architects / PALATIUMStudio
Opened / 2014
Platform type / island

The Bikás Park Station is one of the smallest stations of the new M4 metro line in Budapest. It can be considered a prototype for other stations of this line, which shows the main architectural solutions. The station is located in a corner of a large park, the main entrance is built as a glass dome with backlight. The dome has a thin lightweight construction installed above the platform, and consists of a mesh of glass and metal triangles. The main finishing material for the station is unplastered architectural concrete. Roughness of concrete surfaces is combined with fine finishing of steel and glass structures, as well as with hardscape and handmade objects. The graphic design of the station – flowers on fiber-concrete sheeting and flying seeds – correlates with the park on the surface. The new station, surrounded by rather boring residential blocks, became a vibrant architectural structure for the area.